Program “Cinderella in the workplace” + PERSONAL COACHING

469,00  (VAT included)

Transformational program based on real-life experience

Build your self-worth
with the help of Cinderellas story

4 individual sessions
Individual online meetings will enable you to talk to someone who is trustworthy, was where you are now and knows what you are going through.

13 symbols
13 symbols from the Cinderella story you know well placed in a real-life workplace environment to show you where you get stuck and how to change to feel and work better and be more satisfied at work and in life!

13+ exercises
13 worksheets that make you dig deep into your situation and help you find concrete solutions suitable for you. In addition to regular exercises, you will get as many you need to obtain the desired change.

Practical solutions
Practical advice and solutions to everyday problems you face at work with your co-workers.

4 custom recorded meditations
Through meditation, you will see yourself without the limitations of your ego-self. That means no judgment, no punishing yourself. The vision of yourself will become more apparent, and you will do it in a kind and gentle manner.

Group chat in a closed Facebook group and inside of the program

2 BONUS exercises for improving your self-worth